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Corporate Social Responsibility

The shipping industry handles the majority of the world’s transported goods. Shipping links production, people and companies in global trade and contributes to development and growth all over the world.

Developing efficient and reliable solutions for transporting goods from producers to buyers is increasingly a key component in ensuring sustainable development through trade.

Norient Product Pool is a part of the NORDEN Group and covered by the NORDEN Group’s CSR policies and initiatives, where relevant.

CSR focus areas in Norient Product Pool include:

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Environment & Climate
  • People


Corruption is an obstacle to economic and social development around the world, and tackling corruption has many benefits for society and businesses. For shipping companies, corruption impedes business growth, escalates costs and poses serious legal and reputational risk.

Norient Product Pool has a zero-tolerance policy towards all kinds of bribery.


Through NORDEN, Norient Product Pool is part of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN). MACN works towards a maritime industry free of corruption enabling free trade to the benefit of society, business and individuals.

Environment & Climate

Tanker shipping carries risks to the environment, primarily through potential discharges and emissions to air, land and water. Managing these outputs is critical to mitigating environmental pollution, to Norient Product Pool and to our customers.

Close monitoring and continuous efficiency management are key tools to minimise the environmental impact of the vessels in the pool and to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.


NPP employs 80 people and offers a safe, healthy and engaging work place for all employees. A strong corporate culture is an important part of Norient Product Pool's offer to customers and partners and new and existing employees.

Our Human Right Policy spells out Norient Product Pool's commitment to fundamental labour and human rights, and we work to ensure compliance with its standards both internally and by business partners.